Club Safe

ClubSafe Program

The ClubSafe Group, of which this Club is a proud member, is committed to establishing an environment in the Club where gambling is conducted responsibly and in a way that minimises the harm that may result.

Clubs, as we know, operate for the benefit of their members, as well as serving the needs of their local community in various ways. The impact of Clubs in NSW is broad ranging and positive, particularly among those who are least privileged. Clubs are the major provider of social, recreational, sporting and other facilities in NSW and the focal point of many communities. Clubs are also a source of funding for a variety of community organizations and projects which would not otherwise be provided.


What does the ClubSafe Program do for your Club?

The ClubSafe program is a proactive approach looking after the interests of Club members, guests, staff, management and the Board of Directors. It is not an intrusive program, but rather provides a ‘safety net’ for those members and staff who have or may develop a gambling problem.
The ClubSafe program includes the following:

  • Free problem gambling counselling service for all patrons
  • Brochures and signs promoting responsible gambling
  • A comprehensive policies and procedures manual
  • Setting of exclusion provisions including self exclusion (self banning)
  • A “third party” complaints policy & procedure
  • Advertising and promotional guidelines to ensure gambling is responsibly promoted

This Club is a proud member of the ClubSafe Group and our Board believes that the ClubSafe program for Responsible Conduct of Gambling will go a long way towards minimizing the harms that a small percentage of our members may experience due to problem gambling behaviour.
Remember: If you think you may have a gambling problem, please take one of our ClubSafe brochures located around your Club, or call 1800 99 77 66 at any time.