Easties Crew 4 You

Your Local in the Community


Port City Bowling Club has a long tradition of providing support to our local community both through the Club Grants contribution scheme and via fundraisers, community events and sponsorships.

Through sponsorship and donations, your local, Port City Bowling Club is able to provide assistance to many groups in the community including charities, social clubs, community action networks and sporting groups.

We are now very proud to take our support of the local area one step further by launching the EastiesCrew4U, a group of motivated and community minded staff from Port City who are keen to donate their time to the community groups, charitable activities or organisational initiatives who need it most.

If you think the EastiesCrew4U can assist at your next community event, charitable activity or organisational initiative please contact us via eastiescrew4u@portcity.com.au with details of the activity (dates, times), the number of volunteers required and the specifics of what you would like our team to do. We look forward to lending a few extra sets of helping hands to you soon!

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