Membership Renewal

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From Tuesday 1 May, Port City Bowling Club will be renewing social memberships that are due to expire on 31 May 2018. Renewing your membership is simple and can be done at any time here on our online renewals page.

To renew membership, simply complete the form below with the required information and proceed to the payment page. Your card will be ready for collection on your next visit at our renewals desk or after hours at reception.
Join for 3 years for only $25 and receive a bonus $10 worth of points on your membership card or join as a 1-year member for $11.



A complimentary drink during the week of your birthday


Members discounts at the Drift Café.Bar.Restaurant and Eastern Tiger Restaurant


Members promotions through the front entrance terminal

During the renewal process, our friendly staff will take a few moments to ensure that your photo and details are up to date. If you require any further assistance or you no longer wish to be a member of Port City Bowling Club, please contact our reception team on 02 65831133

Port City Bowling Clubs membership is governed by Terms and Conditions for more information click the button below.

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